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 What's your date of birth? 6/29/1998

2.) How did you find us? Squad server browser.

3.) How long have you played Squad for? 65 Hours

4.) How long long have you played on our servers (Approximate)? 95% of the time.

5.) Why do you want to be a member? I want to belong to a community full of players who enjoy playing the game, but can be serious about playing as well. Every member of this community that I have had the opportunity of playing with have been solid leaders all while making it an enjoyable experience as well. I also like the way the admins and equivalent ranks go about dealing with certain situations. It appears that this community is exactly what I'm looking for and wish to be apart of. 

6.) What do you bring to our community if we accept your application? If I were to be accepted into the community I would remain loyal and provide the same experience to other players as the current members have to myself. I hope to find other members that I can play with and form a relationship with anyone and everyone so that I can have the best gaming experience possible. 


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