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This will be official event for the csgo zombie server. This is going to be a trial to see how well this works out.

3:00 - 5:00 PM Central time! on Saturday 23rd !

I will be doing an event, we will take a poll on what map we will have this event on IN SERVER.

The event will be a try hard attempt to win. I will be a zombie every time along with a few others (yet to be determined who)

The objective of this exercise is to help grow the community and build up the feeling of one. Now this is just the first of many to come, and as time goes on the better the events will become (trial and error folks)


The Rewards for participating will be 100 credits! JUST FOR BEING ON!

  • Based on the map it will be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place rewards for survivors (3000, 2000, 1000 points respectively)
  • For all other survivors that survive will receive 100 points.
  • WARNING This is a community building event, HOWEVER!~ This will also be competitive (or so I hope) so grief your teammates at your OWN risk of losing the round to the zombies. However if you want that first place prepare to do any dirty back stabbing thing you want with no punishment so your in 1st. It is up to you.


But Cheng. how will we know how to determine who is 1st 2nd and 3rd?

Based on which survivor gets from point A to Z first.  The trick is to get to the end first AND survive. (I am open to suggestions so feel free)

I will have an Admin in spectator to watch who crosses the finish line first.

TO KEEP IT FAIR FOR ALL PLAYERS! NO BHOPPIN (if its a habbit to bhop we understand, you will be warned if you do)

In the case of a tie, we will determine it by (up to the admins or open to ideas)


Overall we want to get the server populated and build the community, we wana have fun and enjoy a great game. In the future depending on how well this works I will spread these events to the other servers such as Jail Break ect.

Now this message has not been 100% approved by the OverLord movie star famous Greek! (no joke but I wont say who he is)  But I believe this is in line with his thinking, so rules and things can be subject to change.

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