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  1. Krump

    Thank you for the review and approval. I will check it out after awhile.
  2. Krump

    Addition: Sorry, I should probably clarify. This is for SQUAD on Steam.
  3. Krump

    LOL...I guess I am the first one to do so. I request for a repeal of a ban. I got auto-banned for a teamkill (I assume it was multiple deaths in 1 incident) I mistook an friendly vehicle loaded with a squad for the enemy, as it was driving from the direction I thought the enemy was located. I lit them up with HE rounds so there was not enough time to undo my mistake before I ended them. This was completely by accident, and needless to say...I am plum embarrassed....probably going to take a break from piloting turrets on tanks for awhile. I see you all have 2-3 servers...I do not recall which one specifically it was. To the players that died if they are on here...sorry. Name on there is Krump.