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    SECTION 1: COMMUNITY RULES 1.1) DDoS and DoS: Defined as a Denial of Service attack, sending packets through our network to crash the network or overload the network. This offence will result in legal action. We will supply your local authorities with your IP address and notify your ISP. Your IP will be banned from the server and you will be banned through a network IP blocker. 1.2) Exploitation: Defined as any action that exploits a glitch in the map or server files. The first ap exploit will result in a kick from the server. The second map exploit will end in a day ban. Third map exploit will result in a week ban. A server file exploit will result in a permanent IP ban. 1.3) Server File Access: Unauthorized Server File Access is defined as any exploit through the Source Engine or Garry’s Mod lua system that ends in you receiving full files from our server. Access to server files through exploits will result in a permanent IP ban. 1.4) Doxxing: Doxxing is defined as searching for and publishishing private or identifying information about (a particular individual) from the server. This will result in a permanent IP ban and us assisting the victim in securing their information. 1.5) DDoS and DoS Threats: Defined as a threat to break rule 1.1. This will result in a permanent IP ban. 1.6) Doxxing Threats: Defined as a threat to break rule 1.4. This will result in the same punishment as rule 1.4. SECTION 2: GENERAL SERVER RULES 2.1) RDM: RDM is defined as “Random Death Match”. It is when you kill someone when there is no roleplay reason 1 or more times. This will result in a warn and possible jailing. 2.2) Mass-RDM: Mass-RDM is defined as RDM committed on 3 unique individuals. This offence will result in a week ban from the server the rule was broken on. 2.3) FailRP: FailRP is defined as breaking character or doing something a character couldn’t or wouldn’t (I.e. insubordination). This will result in a warn. 2.4) Metagaming: Metagaming is defined as using knowledge your character could not know in their life. SECTION 3: JEDI RULES SUBSECTION 1: STRIKES 3.1.1) Strike Requirements: Strikes require a Section 3 Rule to be broken. If that particular rule entails a Strike than a Strike shall be given to the individual. 3.1.2) Strike Expiring Times: A Single Strike expires after 3 weeks. Expiry time stacks meaning if a person has 2 Strikes than it shall take 6 weeks for both to expire. 3.1.3) Strike Suspensions: Once an individual reaches 4 Strikes they shall receive a 3 week suspension, this is the time for a Strike to expire. After the suspension is over, that individual will still have 3 Strikes meaning if they receive another strike in the 3 weeks before the 3rd strike expires they shall receive another suspension. Once given a Strike, the last expiry time annuls and is invalid and another 3 week expiry time shall begin. SUBSECTION 2: TRAINING 3.2.1) Training Standards: Training must be done to the standard outlined in the training manual. If you fail to uphold those standards you will be revoked your right to train and given a strike. 3.2.2) Trainer Requirements: Trainers require the rank of Knight+ for basic training and Master+ for mentorship. 3.2.3) Post-Training: After training all trainees will be assigned a mentor, that will be a Master+. 3.2.4) Master Standards: All Masters are required to uphold the maximum standards of the Jedi Order and implant them in their padawans. Failing to do so will result in a strike. SUBSECTION 3: COMMAND & RANK STRUCTURE 3.3.1) Ranks: - Grand Master - Master of the Order - Councilor - Master - Knight - Padawan - Initiate 3.3.2) Promotions: A Master may promote to promote to Padawan but only Councilor+ may promote past Padawan. 3.3.3) Demotions: Only a Councilor+ may demote anyone Master and below. Grand Master may demote anyone. SUBSECTION 4: LIGHTSABERS 3.4.1) Colors: Colors are restricted to the following: Blue Green Yellow Orange Purple Any other colors, if used will result in a Strike. SITH RULES TBD