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  1. Lilith2

    SOLVED Ban was reduced from perm to 1 day upon appealing in voice chat and getting the OK from Jolly.
  2. Lilith2

    It's a bug with squad itself, all squad servers have the problem of suddenly shutting off. It can happen more often or less often to different server boxes running different hardware or software. The causes are not certain and the end user (server owners) can't fix it. The developers of squad have to fix it. Sorry if this is not the answer you hoped for.
  3. Lilith2

    Can you please provide a detailed description of what happened to you and what you did? Nobody can help you if you just post a vague complaint. If you have any recordings or screenshots they will help your case as well.
  4. I've played Black Desert Online for a few years and enjoyed it however it's a very lonely game. There is almost no interactions between players with game mechanics except text chat, pvp, and parties to help kill mobs. BDO has no way to directly trade items between players or share loot as all loot is different per client. So I'm looking towards WOW as a new mmo to try out. I always hear how social it is... Wondering if it's pretty much the same game as bdo or if there are major differences.