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  1. extaa

    Nope, those mines were fine, but those 2 mines on the other side of the river however (on RU main peninsula) cost you a 1 day ban. I see no reasons for unban since: a) Its a 1 day ban. b) Your good 30-40minutes presense by those bridges coming out of RU main and dedication for preventing russian vehicles from even crossing that bridge. If you ask me, your entire playstile that game was solely main camping, but when I could blame the driver for getting blown up on a mine on the road on the other side of the tiver, as that territory can be considered hostile (Velino Village), you can not blame one for using roads next to his own main. As admins we are on the server to promote fair and fun competiton FOR BOTH SIDES. And as a player I never understood why someone would like to prevent enemies from even reaching the battlefield in a PvP game. Deal with your ban and as far as you will stop laying down mines that close to enemy mains, you are more than welcome to our servers. If not, next ban will be much longer than 1 day. Have fun and good luck!