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  1. undeadcrown

    Not even close to BDO. WoW is still the king of MMOs regardless what people tell you. Ton of fun, I play it. Raiding, pvps, world questing with friends, dungeons and a ton more man. I'd for sure give it the starter trial for free and see if you like it!
  2. undeadcrown

    VIP status my dude!
  3. undeadcrown

  4. undeadcrown

    Hey everyone! Please follow my stream @ twitch.tv/undeadcrownn I am going to be streaming a lot more, just started back up. Would love to see you all! Thanks! :)
  5. undeadcrown


    We want to get our rust server populated. If you have rust please give us a little seed time. We are setting this to happen daily for only a couple hours at night. Even if you don't care for rust anymore and still own it, jumping in for just a couple hours really helps out. You can RSVP or just pop on.
  6. undeadcrown


    All throughout the day squad is ours! Get together, play and have fun! Please RSVP if you're interested so we have an idea of how many will be on. That way we can organize a bit in advance and set teams.
  7. undeadcrown

    Hello art3mis! After review it looks as if you were kicked and warned once of soloing armor. But then the second the you did it again and were temp banned. Your ban will be lifted 6/22 If you feel this ban was not appropriate you may reply here or on discord.
  8. undeadcrown

    Out of the thousands of servers for Mordhau one of our servers hit #1! You guys are the best! Don't forget to tell your friends about us, bring them to the community. The more the merrier :)
  9. undeadcrown

    I haven't played this yet, watched a bunch of youtube videos. From those who own it, you like it?
  10. undeadcrown

    For anyone that plays rust, please give our server a shout out to your friends on steam who also play. Let's get the server populated :)
  11. undeadcrown

    I'd be down to get a team together and play. If there is enough people we could host some fun tournaments.
  12. Been playing Diablo 3 recently and was thinkin back to the good times I had in D1 and D2. It's crazy the story that they put together back in the day that shaped the current Diablo game. If anyone is a Diablo fan I would highly recommend checking out the Diablo Lore on youtube from start to finish!
  13. undeadcrown

    What's up everyone! Just thought I'd kick start the forums a bit. What is everyone's play times? I'm retired so I just get on randomly throughout the day and night.