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    What's up people! My name is Jett and I will start playing some squad and I would like to frequent this server and make some friends to play with often. I am located in US Central time zone and I play often on Saturday evenings, sundays, and Mondays. Hit me up if you wanna play
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    Hello everyone. Currently writing this while in queue waiting to get into one of your servers. Long-time Squad veteran here (just hit 1,000 hours a week ago. woot! woot!). I am also a playtester for squad, meaning that I test out features I.E. game modes, maps, etc. before others get to see or try them. Squad is my favorite game and I am addicted to it to say the least. I squad lead about 90% of the time, always under the squad FOR THE EMPIRE. I tend to play on the same servers, and so I am a regular on squadops.gg and THUNDERDOME. I recently only started playing on coffeehouse servers as invasion is my favorite game mode and squadops went away with their 24/7 invasion server. If you ever need help or want to join my squad, feel free to join up. Thanks!